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Introduction Shiraz Economical Especial Zone is under supervision of High Council of Free Zones
Main goals of establishment
Legal benefits

Shiraz Especial Economic Zone

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Shiraz Economical Especial Zone
Shiraz Economical Especial Zone is under supervision of High Council of Free Zones (directly supervised by presidential Office). Its total area is 1000 hectares which is divided to five phases: first: 130 hectares, second: 170 hectares, third: 290 hectares, forth: 180 hectares, and fifth phase: 230 hectares.
This zone is already occupied with preparing necessary building in physical dimension.
All under building structures of the first phase is ready and the under building structure of the second phase will be prepared by the end of year 2008. Meanwhile exerting the country's Economical Especial Zone laws in this zone will facilitates the production circle for the artisans and will make the zone preferable than other zones of the country.
Water and sewage net installations, road and path construction, lightening, fence enclosing, path lightening, and drainage have been accomplished. Also the building of: fire station, costume department, public storage centre, and gate top sign has been completed and security anticipations such police settlement in the zone has been operated. In addition the following cases has been anticipated in the executive map of starting the zone: Entertainment-sport centre, entertainment-cultural centre, exhibition, park, green space, hospital, industrial workplaces, entrance inspection centre, terminals, banks, fuel stations, installations, restaurants, and residential buildings.

The goals of establishing this zone are:
  • Fars province Economical growth and development and being enjoyed by the potential abilities of this province.
  • Attending the universal markets and producing and exporting goods.
  • Encouraging local and international investors to enter the production circle.
  • Practical measurement to create employment and reducing unemployment in the province.
  • Making use of the huge amount of cash which exists in Fars province and has the second place in this case after Tehran in the country.
  • Attracting science and transferring technology via scientific and industrial cooperation with international companies.
  • Supporting industries and local artisans and creating facilities for them.

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